We live in the village of Ameugny
and the community is currently
the place of the novitiate.

Our central work is
helping to welcome pilgrims to Taizé,
located near Ameugny.

Our life together
in Ameugny

At the moment there are fifteen sisters of ten nationalities and from three continents; the community is made up of professed sisters, young professed sisters and novices.

Morning and evening, prayer brings us together in our chapel.

Singing, silence, listening to the Word of God: this is our source.

© Wieslawa Klemens

“Community is built and invented
every day, through
the participation of each member.”

a source of joy, of mutual support,
and a place of respect and trust."
"Community is the place
where we learn
from each other
what it is we wish to proclaim."
"Marked by solitude,
our community life
is lived at an ever greater depth
of communion."

Our mission in Taizé
and elsewhere

Sent to collaborate in
welcoming people to Taizé.


We have been sharing and supporting the Taizé brothers’ ministry with young people since 1966. Our community lives at the rhythm of the welcome, with an ebb and flow according to the seasons, ensuring a diversity of tasks, collaborations and services.

rencontres des familles


In spite of the number of people coming, Taizé does not want to be a crowd phenomenon. Attention to each person is resolutely preserved. It is always possible for each person to meet personally with a brother or sister for an exchange and a listening ear.

As sisters of Saint Andrew, we are there, in those places and those moments of listening. At times, this will allow the young people to live a regular spiritual direction: weekly for the volunteers who stay for several months, episodic for those who are just passing through.

Listening to and sharing the human and spiritual search of these young people puts us at the heart of our Ignatian vocation: helping others to reflect on their faith and on the direction of their lives.

In the spirit of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, we lead weeks of retreat in silence, with the possibility of personal spiritual direction.

© Wieslawa Klemens

We regularly pray in Taizé, with all those present on the hill.

More information about the Sisters of St. Andrew in Taizé: a talk by Agnès Granier, our Superior General (pdf, in French), given during a week about the relevance of religious life, which took place in Taizé in 2015.

In Taizé, but not only ...

We are also involved in the life of the village of Ameugny. Some of us have activities in our diocese, giving formations and spiritual direction.


Our community is the place of formation for the novices; there are currently three young women in the novitiate. The common life in Ameugny and the mission in Taizé alternate with times of formation and sessions, especially with novices from other Ignatian Congregations.