La célébration des voeux définitifs
God gives what he is:
we live from his goodness,
discovering new kinships.
Not because our parents
or our blood brothers and sisters
are to be rejected in his Name,
but because God is always multiplying:
he multiplies the bread,
he multiplies our brothers and sisters.
God is a Father, thats everything!
The goodness of God
is a fountain of running water!
14th October 2018, Sietske and Jessica
took their final vows in Ramegnies-Chin

During the celebration, they were sent out on mission by the Superior General.

Sietske reçoit son envoi
“Sietske, you have understood
that obedience and initiative
do not cancel each other out:
go forward in this freedom
you have chosen,
that of giving yourself
without holding anything back.”

“Jessica, you like to travel and you have chosen an itinerant life with Christ. I am sending you to quickly join the Christian communities of Madrid, who are preparing to welcome a new stage of the Pilgrimage of Trust. With your sisters, the young people and the Brothers of Taizé, you will live concretely the folly of the Gospel and the suprises of God, letting go of yourself. You will receive whatever you need for the way.”

Jessica est envoyé à Madrid