Tessa shares some photos and thoughts about A Voice Speaks of Peace, an exhibition of her paintings in Taizé.


My art is a contemplation.
To be alive, always seems to me something extraordinary, even surprising !

Often my paintings are abstract. Sometimes just bands of colour, simplified, poor and banal. But for me they are a sort of statement of the fact that we exist.

And mysteriously, for me, in these banal and poor paintings, I find a space where I sense a meeting with my Creator. Without noise or elaboration I can
sense a presence . But it doesn’t impose itself ; you need to take time to be and look.

I paint also because I hear a call. In our world confronted by violence, how often another message sounds out by the simple expression of something that hints at beauty :‘No, death does not have the last word’.

So I am always setting out, how can I convey something of that mystery which
says there is something more : death does not have the last word. A voice
speaks of peace.