The theme of this past professed weekend was broad:
“living together” as a community.

Through the broadness of this invitation, we were called to reflect on some key questions:
What is a group? What is a community?

And from whom or on what is our living together established?

“You are precious in my sight, do not be afraid” (Isaiah 43).
This “living together” is chosen, as a vocation:
as a means of living the mystery of life to the full,
following Christ, participating in the work of God.

Logos is the Word of God made flesh,
who unites with us in the human nature we have embraced.
(Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse 14).

We are bearers of the image of God.
And in the creative act of ‘living together’, in the encounter with the other
each of us is a place of where the Logos is revealed.

The community is a living organism, ever evolving, ever changing.
It is an ongoing creation!

With confidence, may we allow God to become one with us,
so that God may fulfil, in the “I” and the “we”,
God’s plan of love for the world!

The weekend in pictures...

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